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Origin Of The Name

The name of “Loboc” is derived from the word “lobok”, a word referring to the act of pounding something with the use of mortar and pestle. It is said that when the early missionary fathers came to this inland village, they approached a villager who was pounding rice. They asked for the name of the place. Assuming that he was asked what was he doing, he replied, “ga lobok”. Thus, the place is called “Loboc”.

Date established: 1602

Founder: Rev. Fr. Juan de Torres


Location: inland part of Bohol, 24 kms. away from Tagbilaran City. It is bounded by the following:

N - Municipality of Sevilla SW - Municipality of Alburquerque

NE - Municipality of Bilar W - Municipality of Sikatuna

E - Municipality of Lila

Congressional District: 3rd

Income Classification: 4th

Topography: The highest elevation is 428 masl located at Barangay Cambance. Majority of the barangays are within the elevation of 300-350 masl. The lowest portion is in Barangay Canlasid with an elevation of 15 masl. Land formation ranges from level to very steep slopes, majority of which is within the 8-18% slope range or undulating to rolling terrain.

Season: Dry season occurs from January to May. Rainy season is from June to December.

Main Source of Potable Water: Groundwater

Language/Dialect: Binul-anon, Filipino, English

Land Area: 5765.70 has.

Population: 16,299(2007 NSO Census)

Barangays: 28

Distance from Tagbilaran City: 24kms (35 minutes)

Multi-Purpose Cooperatives: 31

Navigable waters (Loboc River):


Docking Port – Busay Falls : 2.85 km.

Docking Port – Loay Bridge : 7.37 km.

Loay(mouth of river) – Busay Falls : 10.22 km.

Ave. width from Canlasid to Busay: 52.2 m.

Ave. depth from Canlasid to Busay:

5.45 m. (High tide)

4.6 m. (Low tide)

School Facilities:

Primary - 5

Elementary - 11

High School - 4 (3 public, 1 private)





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